Cement Industry

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  • PANZERCROM® can refurbish or replace parts of the classifier which are worn away by erosion caused by the small particles within the high speed circulating gases inside the separating zone
  • PANZERCROM® is able to supply or redesign the separator and manufacture new components using our wear plates

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Cellular Wheel Wear Plate Panzercrom

Panzercrom Vertical Mill Cellular Wheel

  • Panzercrom manufactures tailor made wear resistant solution for our customer demands on the field. Instead of soft structural carbon steel or brinell hardened steels, specially alloyed Panzercrom Cr466 + Panzercrom 600 perfectly worh through abrasion wear environment.

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  • PANZERCROM® has developed a family of wear plates to suit the working temperature and aggressive environment within the vertical mill. The original parts supplied do not have a long lifetime and have to be replaced, particularly once a wear pattern has been established – the parts quickly deteriorate which leads to leakages through the mill body.
  • PANZERCROM® Wear plates can be supplied fabricated ready to fit or as standard plates to protect the internal lining of the vertical mill
  • Our process allows us to bring the geometry of air flow rings and dam rings back to the original dimensions which results in higher efficiency of the mill

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  • PANZERCROM® IMPACT II and III plate, contains extremely hard, finely dispersed titanium carbides in a high chromium martensitic matrix.  It has been produced for heavy duty equipment, mainly in quarrying, for parts like hoppers and chutes to resist against impact, high pressure and abrasion
  • More resistant than standard quenched and tempered abrasion-resistant steel plates,PANZERCROM® IMPACT Plate can be manufactured in standard dimensions or made to measure
  • We can refurbish used parts or fabricate new parts using our wear plates to fight against any harsh environment

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Austragsring RM 51:26 Polysius Grinding Mill Discharge Ring 8. tumbnail


  • PANZERCROM ®  manufactures tailor made wear components for Vertical Roller Mills for cement industry. Here is one of our application manufactured with PANZERCROM ® CCr466 special alloyed high chromium carbide content wear plate for Polysius Roller Mill.

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  • The casing and rotor of the fan can be protected from problems caused by failure of blades, impeller fatigue and other problems such as corrosion, erosion or issues with variable speed using PANZERCROM® wear plates.  These wear plates consist of a steel plate and hardfacing applied by arc welding, which exhibits a refined micro structure with a high volume of carbides.
  • Our solution is able to withstand an abrasive dust, corrosive gases and fumes which are removed from the sintering process using fans

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stone cursher panzercrom

  • PANZERCROM® product specialists have developed unique techniques for protecting crushers against abrasion and impact
  • PANZERCROM® can supply turnkey constructions or wear plates for construction of crusher housing to protect surfaces against severe conditions
  • PANZERCROM® has experience in all types of processing equipment including gyratory crushers, jaw crushers, hammer crushers and impact crushers.

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hardpipe (4)

    • PANZERCROM® HARDPIPE  very small diameter internally and externally hardfaced seamless tubes.
    • PANZERCROM®HARDPIPE  can be supplied as bended or segmented elbows.
    • PANZERCROM®HARDPIPE seamless hardfaced tubes diameters are starting from 90mm internal diameter after cladding.

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  • Independent laboratory tests show wear resistance ofPANZERCROM®  wear plate is 3 times higher than abrasion resistant steel plates cyclone separator shells are usually made of.  This offers better protection against local abrasion and corrosion which cause severe wear
  • Our wear plates can be cut to the required dimensions, shaped and installed on site to existing equipment
  • We offer the best product for the working environment to give the best protection against wearing factors

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maden (2)

  • Welding maintenance of quarrying and earthmoving equipment such as power shovels, bulldozers, loaders, graders is best performed with stick electrode for joining or hardfacing fromPANZERCROM® when high performance is required. PANZERCROM® Wear Plates widely used to produce wear resistant surfaces in buckets, chutes, sieves or washing drums, and are pre-cut, shaped and fabricated to enable a rapid exchange to wear parts and minimal downtime of high capital cost equipment.

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