Coal Fired Power Plants

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Steel production is changing: It is becoming more flexible, more efficient and more environmentally friendly. For the operators of steel mills, this means modifying the mills to make them more technically and economically competitive over the long term. Wear parts play an important role in this process. With in­nova­tive products and wear resistant solutions, we are your partner over the entire lifetime of your system.

The materials such as ore, coke and fluxes (e.g. limestone) which are required for the blast furnace process are added to the process via corresponding distribution systems. The preparation is made using flotation or magnetic separation. The ore is crushed. Oxidic iron ores are reduced with carbon and pig-iron is produced which is a brittle material due to the high carbon content and softens when heated within a small temperature range. Obtaining the pig-iron is mainly done in blast furnaces.

PANZERCROM®  manufactures these complex components on the basis of customer drawings and both directly and indirectly supplies them to blast furnaces around the world. Using our products and solutions, you avoid unplanned downtime that causes high costs.

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  • The casing and rotor of the fan can be protected from problems caused by failure of blades, impeller fatigue and other problems such as corrosion, erosion or issues with variable speed using PANZERCROM® wear plates.  These wear plates consist of a steel plate and hardfacing applied by arc welding, which exhibits a refined micro structure with a high volume of carbides.
  • Our solution is able to withstand an abrasive dust, corrosive gases and fumes which are removed from the sintering process using fans

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Feeder Roll

Feeder roll panzercrom wear plate hardface

Feeder Table

feeder table panzercrom wear plate

Sinter Crusher

sinter crusher panzercrom wear plate

Grizzly Bars

grizzly bars panzercrom wear plate hardface armour plate


screen steel industry panzercrom wear plate

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Vertical Roller Mill Refurbishment

loesche vertical mill hardface

Vertical Roller Mill Refurbishment

loesche vertical mill hardface

Vertical Roller Mill Refurbishment

loesche vertical mill hardface

Vertical Roller Mill Components

loesche vertical mill hardface

Wheel Fan Mill Components

wheel beater panzercrom wear plate hardface

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Coke Crusher

maden (22)

panzercrom screen industry


screen steel industry panzercrom wear plate


screen steel industry hardfacing


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  • Ore Chute
  • Blast Furnace Bell Top


  • Armour Plates

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