Cladding of Joining Points of Wear Plates or Hardfaced Parts

The main purpose for hardfacing is to increase the lifecycle of parts working under wear factors such as abrasion, adhesion (metal-metal friction), impact, corrosion and cavitation. These wear types can be seen in various industries including Cement, Thermal Plants, Iron-Steel Mines, Glass and Recycling Industry.

Wear plates or preventive-hardfacing applications preferred to prevent the wear. For parts with large volumetrics or complex designs, it is necessary to manufacture these parts in pieces and connect these parts with joining welding.

Wear can impact a certain region of the materials as well as the entire base material surfaces. Especially abrasion types such as abrasion, corrosion or cavitation effects the entire surface of the parts and wear the weld metals of joining points.

Main criterias of joining welding are mechanical-chemical properties and impermeability. Therefore, the weld metal of joining welding does not provide enough resistance against wear effects compared to hardfaced parts.

The parts covered with wear plates or preventive-protective hardfacing applications to ensure resistance against wear will start to wear off from joining points. The parts will become unusable immediately afterwards. The joining points of the parts working either under dynamic or static load will break due to loss of mechanical or chemical properties and cause significant downtime and maintenance costs.

To prevent all these negative situations, joining points of wear plates or preventive-protective hardfacing applications should be coated with a weld metal that provides the same wear resistance with wear plates by selecting the suitable welding method and welding consumables to ensure resistance against wear.

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