Which Drive Roll Type Should Be Selected for Flux Cored Wires?

Flux cored wire usage is becoming widespread with wear plate manufacturing, hardfacing, maintenance & repair or joint welding. Day by day, FCAW is replacing GMAW and SMAW.

Although flux cored arc welding is similar to gas metal arc welding in terms of electrical and physical metallurgy, on the other hand, there are certain differences in terms of chemical metallurgy and application details.

Cored wires are manufactured by filling a pipe-formed steel band with a core. Therefore, it is softer than solid wire. Due to this physical difference, rollers in wire feed system are different from rolls in gas metal arc welding.

In conventional gas metal arc welding (solid-wire), unperforated, straight V-Groove drive rolls are used while V-Knurled drive rolls are used in cored wire method. Additionally, press adjustment of the feeding unit is different from solid wire. It should be re-adjusted after fastening V-Knurled drive rolls.

When V-Groove drive rolls are used or if press adjustment of feeding unit is tighter than necessary, cored wires will be crushed by rolls and lose its cylindrical form. This will lead blockage in contact tip or spiral. Therefore, wire-feeding problems and unstable arc will occur while welding. Although these outputs are invisible, contact nozzle and spiral lifecycle will decrease significantly.

V-Knurled drive rolls can be obtained from welding machine suppliers. If these rollers are not used, they can cause serious time and quality losses.

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