Introduction to Wear Plates and Application Areas

Wear plates are abrasion-resistant composite steel plates manufactured by

hardfacing on different base materials. Depending on the required hardfacing alloy type, these plates can have chromium – niobium – tungsten – vanadium – complex carbide microstructures.

Panzercrom® wear plates are manufactured with conventional methods. In addition, Panzercrom® wear plates are manufactured with unique TUBITAK R&D Project “Add-In” method. This method enables low heat input during the welding operation and minimizes dilution rate of weld metal. Such wear plate welded with this method have higher hardness and higher primer carbide formation than traditional methods and these wear plate has maximized service-life with pure microstructure.

When Panzercrom®  wear plate is considered as an alternative to tempered steel, steel casting, polyurethane materials and Cr-Ni steel, Panzercrom® wear plate offers the best abrasion resistance/cost rate.

Panzercrom® Wear Plates

Panzercrom Hardpipe®

Panzercrom Hardpipe® is a mineral abrasion-resistant, hardfaced-seamless cold-drawn pipe product that can be manufactured even with smaller diameters, which are not possible to obtain with cold shaping in standard wear plate.

Panzercrom Hardpipe® is manufactured on specially designed CNC controlled workbenches. This manufacturing process prevents base metal cracks and hardfacing chipping which is a common problem while manufacturing with traditional methods.

Since Hardpipe® is a seamless steel drawn pipe and there are no connection regions, the entire pipe is coated.

wear plates-hardpipe
Panzercrom Hardpipe®

Panzercrom® Wear Plate and Panzercrom Hardpipe® Product Usage Area

Panzercrom® wear plates and Panzercrom Hardpipe® provide the highest abrasion resistance even under the hardest operating conditions and increases efficiency by reducing maintenance time and downtime.

With cold shaping properties and ready to weld base materials, wear plates are commonly used in Cement, Power Plants, Iron&Steel Industry, Mining, Glass, Recycling industries.

Cement, Concrete and Gravel-Stone Crumbling Machine;

  • Flow chutes, bunkers, separators, stone crusher rotor, side wear plate.
  • Clinker silo, band bridges between stokehole, stokehole selection and feeding grooves, bucket band sub-pouring, closes stokehole feeding grooves.
  • Roller press directing-guide plates, clinker loading facility, bellow and pipes, mill output elbow and pipes.
  • Cement mill internal cone, static separator internal cone, separator selection lines and cyclones, compensator main pipes.
  • Admixture mill separator internal cones, coal mill output ducts, horomile separator wear plate, trommel filter suction pipe, raw mill tandem crusher, fan blades.

Coal, Gold, Copper, Chromium, Colemanite, Boron, Feldspar, Magnesite Facilities;

  • Construction equipment and dragline digger buckets and baggers, launder tipple and flow paths, fan blades, helix, scrapers, ore flow ducts, SMD bases, HP500 body coating.
  • Base, body and side wear plate of feeders.
  • Slag silo sub-ducts, final concentration facility cone crusher body side armours, separator fans, ball mill air separator blades, conduit pipes and conveying grooves and chutes.

Iron-Steel Factories;

  • Construction equipment and octopus bod, sinter sieves, booster fans, reclaimer stacker loading buckets.
  • Coke crushing facility flow grooves and chutes, coke sieves, conduit paths and pipes, descaling sub-plates, spiral casing
  • Rolling mill side wall plates, rolling stand sub-wear plate, clinker basins.

Thermal Plants;

These plates can be used in:

  • Thermal plate mill covers and swinging flaps, ash conduit pipe, fan blades, coal conduit paths and bunkers.

Panzercrom® wear plates are also used in sand-blasting machines, glass, ceramic, paper, chipboard-mdf and all other sectors that include wear.

wear plates-hardpipe
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