Metal Cored Wires – Efficiency and Speed Advantage

The usage rates of cored wires are increasing around to world in joining welding, hardfacing applications and repair-maintenance applications regardless of the industry.

You can learn more about cored wire manufacturing types and general properties from our article below:

Flux Cored Wires – Introduction and Advantages

Rutile cored wires have better position capabilities compared to solid wires (SG2, SG3 etc.), metal cored and basic cored wires.

On the other hand, metal cored wires have better efficiency and higher welding speed compared to rutile cored wires and solid wires (SG2, SG3 etc.). Additionally, since metal cored wire do not leave slag, these wires are suitable for multiple pass and robotic applications.

Let’s analyze a field test to understand why metal cored wires are one step ahead in a project without PF-PG position requirement:

SG2 (Solid Wire)

Metal Cored Wire

Wire Diameter 1.20mm 1.20mm
Wire Feed Speed 8m/min. 12m/min.
Efficiency 98% 95%
Weld Deposit Rate 4.70kg/hour 5.90kg/hour

In conclusion, although solid wire has higher efficiency, metal cored wire enables up to 25% speed advantage in this project because of their faster deposition rate(up to %30).

Although deposition rate and wire feed speed changes based on arc transfer type, base material design and welding machines, % efficiency rate between solid wires and cored wires will not show any difference and metal-cored wire usages will always offer speed advantage when correct products and parameters are selected.

If we continue to analyse our example and assume a project with 912kg welding metal:

Solid Wire                   –>    1 Shift (8 hours)         –>      ~38kg welding metal
Metal Cored Wire      –>    1 Shift (8 hours)         –>     ~48kg welding metal

End of Project:

Solid Wire: 24 shifts
Metal Cored Wire: 19 shifts

When a metal cored wire is preferred instead of solid wire, it is possible to complete the project with 5 shift speed gain.

As a result, while the per-unit cost of metal cored wire is more than solid wire, when total costs are considered, we can say that using metal cored wire will decrease the production costs.

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