General Characteristics

PANZERCROM 500 is a composite hardfacing tabular plate consisting of a weldable steel plate and a wear resistant coating.

Chromium, Vanadium and Tungsten carbides in combination with Boride provide ultimate mineral abrasion resistance at elevated temperatures.

The coating of a C, Cr, V, W, B alloy is related to the alloy group Fe16 according to EN 14700.

Technical Data

Wear Plate Hardness: 63 – 65 HRc
All Weld Metal Hardness: 63 – 65 HRc (3 Layers)


– Parts exposed to heavy grinding abrasion.
– Cement and steel,
– Mining and brick industry,
– Refuse-incinerator plants, composting plants,
– Mineral crushing,
– Paddle wheels,
– Mines machine parts etc.