General Characteristics

PANZERCROM 650 is a composite hardfacing tabular plate consisting of a weldable steel plate and a wear resistant coating.

Our unique ‘Add-in Process’ technique avoids dilution with the backing base material of the wear plate. Compared to conventional procedures, “Add-in Process” welding procedures heat inputs are lower. Low heat input dramatically reduces dilution of alloying elements and this provides a perfect microstructure with a homogenous and high proportion of carbides distribution.

C, Cr, Mo, Nb, W, V alloys provide ultimate mineral abrasion resistance at high temperatures due to primary and eutectic chromium carbides and complex carbides in matrix.

The coating of a C, Cr, Mo, Nb, W, V alloy is related to the alloy group Fe16 according to EN 14700.

Technical Data

Wear Plate Hardness: 63 – 65 HRc
All Weld Metal Hardness: 63 – 65 HRc (3 Layers)

Maximum Working Temperature:


– Parts exposed to heavy mineral abrasion.
– Blast furnace bells, coke oven screens and doors,
– Sinter wheel breakers, smelter loading chutes,
– Fans in the hot gas area, foundries,
– Clinker cooling unit lining plates,
– Hot ash conveying screws,
– Steel fabrication etc.