AbraHARD 9300
Open Arc Flux Cored Wire – Hardfacing


General Characteristics

AbraHARD 9300 is a C, Cr, and Mo alloyed open arc flux cored wire. It is suitable for the parts that are exposed to high abrasive mineral wear.

The weld deposit is stainless. The weld metal thickness should not exceed 8mm (deposit of between 2-3 layers). Best results achievable with 2 layers. Through choosing smaller diameter wires along with optimum heat input a crack-free weld deposit is achievable. In comparison to AbraHARD 9200, the weld metal has higher creep resistance due to the addition of Mo.

Welding Positions, Polarity and Shielding Gases

Welding Positions : PA, PB, PC

Shielding Gas: Not Required

Polarity: DC (+)


  • Kategori / Category Abrasion Resistance
  • Standart / Standard EN 14700: T Fe 14
  • Mekanik Özellikler / Mechanical Properties 57-60 HRc (AW - 3. Layer)
  • Mikroyapı / Microstructure Primary carbides and eutectic carbides in an austenitic matrix.
  • Çap / Dia 1.20; 1.60; 2.00; 2.40; 2.80
  • Ambalaj / Package BS 300; BS 450; Drums


    • Suitable for coal crusher cones, liners.

    • Crusher rolls, pumps, mixer parts, conveyor screws.