AbraHARD 9500
Open Arc Flux Cored Wire – Hardfacing


General Characteristics

AbraHARD 9500 is a Cr and Nb alloyed open arc flux cored wire. It provides ultimate abrasion and erosion resistance up to 550’C.

Weld deposit is suitable to components subject to extreme wear and moderate impact. The weld metal thickness should not exceed 8mm (deposit of between 2-3 layers). Before hardfacing of crack sensitive base materials or overlaying of pre-hardfaced surfaces, buffering with BuildHARD 4200 or BuildHARD 4300 layer is recommended.

Welding Positions, Polarity and Shielding Gases

Welding Positions : PA, PB, PC

Shielding Gas: Not Required

Polarity: DC (+)


  • Kategori / Category Abrasion Resistance
  • Standart / Standard EN 14700: T Fe 15
  • Mekanik Özellikler / Mechanical Properties 61-63 HRc (AW - 3. Layer)
  • Mikroyapı / Microstructure Primary and eutectic carbides, nodular Niobium carbides with perlite structure.
  • Çap / Dia 1.20; 1.60; 2.00; 2.40; 2.80
  • Ambalaj / Package BS 300; BS 450; Drums


  • Suitable for mixer paddles, grinding rollers and grinding paths.

  • Wear plates, band transfers, chutes, hoppers.

  • Cement and concrete pumps.

  • Excavator teeth, steel, coal, cement and mineral industry.