BuildHARD® 4400
Open Arc Flux Cored Wire – Hardfacing


General Characteristics

BuildHARD® 4400 is an open arc flux cored wire developed for repair, buffer or hardfacing operations of manganese steels (Hadfield type).

Welding procedures should be prepared according to base materials size and geometry. Base material should be allowed to cool down while welding. If base material has complex geometry or large dimensions, welding in a cooling bath will avoid grain growth which cause embrittlement.


Welding Positions, Polarity and Shielding Gases

Welding Positions : PA, PB, PC

Shielding Gas: Not Required

Polarity: DC (+)


  • Kategori / Category Work Hardening / Austenitic
  • Standart / Standard EN 14700: T Fe 9
  • Mekanik Özellikler / Mechanical Properties 220-230 HB (AW); 450 HB (WH)
  • Mikroyapı / Microstructure Typical austenitic microstucture.
  • Çap / Dia 1.20; 1.60; 2.00; 2.40; 2.80
  • Ambalaj / Package BS 300; BS 450; Drums


  • Suitable for hardfacings or re-buildings of high manganese steels.

  • Crusher cylinders, crusher hammers, impactor bars.

  • Swing hammers, railway crossings, dredger buckets.