General Characteristics

PANZERCROM CrNb468 is a composite hardfacing tabular plate consisting of a weldable steel plate and a wear resistant coating.

Our unique ‘Add-in Process’ technique avoids dilution with the backing base material of the wear plate. Compared to conventional procedures, “Add-in Process” welding procedures heat inputs are lower. Low heat input dramatically reduces dilution of alloying elements and this provides a perfect microstructure with a homogenous and high proportion of carbides distribution.

Chromium and Niobium carbides in combination with Boride provide excellent resistance to heavy abrasion, moderate impact and impinging load especially with extreme abrasive wear at elevated temperatures.

The coating of a C-Cr-alloy is related to the alloy group Fe15 according to EN 14700.

Technical Data

Wear Plate Hardness: 62 – 65 HRc
All Weld Metal Hardness: 63 – 65 HRc (3 Layers)

Maximum Working Temperature:


– Parts exposed to heavy abrasion and erosion.
– Cement and steel,
– Glass, ceramics industries,
– Coal-fired power plants,
– Mines machine parts,
– Fan blades,
– Classifier rotor components. etc.