Hardpipe® is extreme mineral abrasion resistant, hardfaced steel drawn pipe product that can be manufactured with small diameters which is not possible to obtain with cold drawing with standard wear plates.

Hardpipe® is manufactured on specially designed CNC controlled machines and this manufacturing prevents base metal cracks and coating chipping in twisted wear plates manufactured with traditional methods.

Since coating is manufactured in helix form and perpendicular to abrasive material flow, there is no early wearing at weld operlaps.

Since Hardpipe® pipes are seamless steel weldless drawn pipe, entire pipe is coated.

Hardpipe® is manufactured with different alloys and hardness and offers perfect solution against mineral abrasion.


Steam Power Plants pneumatic ash transport lines, limestone lines, cement industry pfister coal transport lines, recycling facilities material dispatch lines,  water treatment facility mud pump lines, vertical mill aerial lines etc.

Standard Sizes

Mechanical Properties


Contains hard primer niobium carbides and eutectic carbides in austenitic matrix.

Hardness of Weld Metal

61 – 63 HRc

Thermal Resistance

400 – 450 ‘C

Conditions of Delivery

  • Inner and external coated pipes
  • CNC cut pipes in various size
  • Pipe elbows
  • T and Y separators
  • Reductions
  • With standard and special flanges

Pipe Diameters

Min coated inner diameter: 60mm.
Please contact us for smaller or different pipe lengths.