Panzercrom HardPro® 750
Hardfacing Electrode for High Temperature Applications


General Characteristics

HardPro® 750 is a rutile-basic coated manual hardfacing electrode for protective coatings of parts subjected to metal-metal friction, cavitation, and corrosion at high temperature.

In addition, HardPro® 750 is used for overlay and build up of machinery parts and tools subject to impact, compression and wear, used at operating temperatures up to 650 °C with a stable arc, regular drop transfer and a smooth deposit.

The deposit is resistant to thermal shock and can be machined with tungsten carbide tipped tools.

Welding Positions, Polarity and Shielding Gases

Welding Positions: PA, PB, PC,PD,PE,PF

Polarity: DC (+)


  • Kategori / Category Impact Resistance & Metal to Metal
  • Standart / Standard -
  • Mekanik Özellikler / Mechanical Properties 45 - 50 HRc (AW - 3. Layer) ; max. 55 HRc (WH - 3. Layer)
  • Mikroyapı / Microstructure -
  • Çap / Dia 2.40; 3.20; 4.00; 5.00
  • Ambalaj / Package 5 Kgs Sealed Package for Humidity Protection


    • Building up dies, for hot working tools , for moulds.

    • Continuous driving rolls, mandrels, forming tools, hot piercing dies.

    • Wiredrawing dies and extrusion pistons etc.