Panzercrom TemPro 187
Special Nickel Alloy Electrode


General Characteristics

TemPro 187 is high performance basic coated nuc-alloyed electrode providing a nickel-chromium-molybdenium-cobalt alloy deposit with superior properties for excellent performance as maintenance repair alloy steels & a protective cladding for corrosive environment at high temperatures.

Superior and unique alloy provides excellent creep strength at very high temperature up to 1100˚C . TemPro 187 distinguishes itself by a soft arc, easy slag removal and regular weld beads.

Features & Benefits;
– Superior resistance to creep, fatigue, cracking, scaling, corrosion, carburisation.
– Stable grain structure is not embrittled by thermal shock/cycling from 1100 ˚C.
– Work hardened alloy up to 350 HV.
– Soft arc, easy slag removal & regular weld beads.

Welding Positions, Polarity and Shielding Gases

Welding Positions: PA, PB, PC, PD, PE, PF

Polarity: DC (+)

  • Kategori / Category Maintenance - Repair & Joining Applications
  • Standart / Standard -
  • Mekanik Özellikler / Mechanical Properties Yield Strength: 460 MPa; Tensile Strength: 730 MPa
  • Mikroyapı / Microstructure -
  • Çap / Dia 2.40; 3.20; 4.00
  • Ambalaj / Package 5 Kgs Sealed Package for Humidity Protection


    • Construction of gas turbines, combustion chambers, ovens, thermal equipment for heat treatment, petro-chemical installation, generally protective
      cladding or repair of alloy steel components subject to oxidation and/or corrosion particularly those exposed to high temperature use, joining alloy
      stainless steels, nickel alloys and dissimilar metals.