Stick Electrodes

Panzercrom NucPro® 182

Special Nickel Alloy Electrode – Crack Repair & Joining Applications

NucPro® 182 is a basic coated special nucleo-alloyed electrode with a superior mechanical properties that specially formulated with a high percentage of nickel, chromium and manganese. Weld deposit provides excellent combination of physical properties that include; high strength, high ductility, high impact resistance, unique corrosion and oxidation resistance.

Superior composition presents minimum base metal dilution and is used for low temperature
alloys as well as for high temperature alloys & different types of steel alloys, for service temperatures from -196 ˚C to 1000 ˚C.

Typical Base Metals are; all steels and nickel alloys, cryogenic steels, specialty steels, difficult to weld steels, mold steels etc.

Panzercrom NucPro® 182 V

Special Nickel Alloy Electrode – Crack Repair & Joining Applications

ucPro® 182 V is a rutile-basic coated, nickel-based special electrode formulated for high speed-high deposition welding for critical stressed applications and crack repairs with a high recovery (170%).

NucPro® 182 V is suitable for welding of Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum alloys to themselves and to lower alloyed steels as well as for welding of special austenitic stainless steels with excellent weldability properties and maintains a high-tensile strength at high temperatures (650 ˚C) as well as in cryogenic applications.

Typical Base Metals are; all steels and nickel alloys, cryogenic steels, specialty steels, difficult to weld steels, mold steels etc.

Panzercrom TemPro 187

Special Nickel Alloy Electrode

TemPro 187 is high performance basic coated nuc-alloyed electrode providing a nickel-chromium-molybdenium-cobalt alloy deposit with superior properties for excellent performance as maintenance repair alloy steels & a protective cladding for corrosive environment at high temperatures.

Superior and unique alloy provides excellent creep strength at very high temperature up to 1100˚C . TemPro 187 distinguishes itself by a soft arc, easy slag removal and regular weld beads.

Features & Benefits;
– Superior resistance to creep, fatigue, cracking, scaling, corrosion, carburisation.
– Stable grain structure is not embrittled by thermal shock/cycling from 1100 ˚C.
– Work hardened alloy up to 350 HV.
– Soft arc, easy slag removal & regular weld beads.

Panzercrom SuperLife S

Special Stick Electrode – Crack Repair & Joining Applications

SuperLife S is highly alloyed special manual electrode for joining a wide range of difficult-to-weld metals including special steels, austenitic-manganese steels, air-hardening and high-carbon steels, tool steels and for dissimilar joining with an austenitic-ferritic stainless-steel deposit. Metal deposit highly resistant to cracks, suitable for buffer layers before hardfacing and for building up cutting tools.

Features & Benefits;
– Superior crack resistance.
– Distinguishing tensile strength.
– High deposition rate.
-Soft fusion, nice aspect of the beads, self releasing slag.
– Easy to weld in all positions.

Panzercrom DuraMangan®

High Recovery Special Electrode

DuraMangan® is a rutile-basic coated high recovery (160 %) electrode suitable for fusion welding of dissimilar joints and cladding of mild steel. DuraMangan® weld deposit is capable of high impact resistance and has highly resistant to cracking.

These unique features provide wide area of utilization for joining applications as well as wear protection or buffer layer applications. The Cr-Ni-Mn-alloyed weld metal has a fully of austenitic structure and can be strain hardened.

DuraMangan® maintains corrosion resistance up to 300˚C and scaling resistance up to 900 ˚C.

Panzercrom CastPro Ni

Special Stick Electrode – Cast Iron Repair & Joining Applications

epairing of cracks, joining applications, surface imperfections, machining errors, hole filling, rebuilding broken or missing sections, repairing of engine blocks, frames of tool machines, gearboxes, reducing pieces, valve and pump bodies.

Panzercrom HardPro® CRW 68

High Recovery Stick Electrode for Hardfacing Applications

HardPro® CRW 68 is basic graphite coated high recovery (180 %) electrode for welding of extremely abrasion resistant overlays which are exposed to moderate impact.

Features & Benefits;
– Excellent resistance to wear from combined abrasion, erosion and moderate impact.
– Optimal weld properties in a single layer.
– Very high metal recovery (180 %) and slag free.
– Fewer dilution with base metal & presence of stress relief cracks.

Panzercrom HardPro® 750

Hardfacing Electrode for High Temperature Applications

HardPro® 750 is a rutile-basic coated manual hardfacing electrode for protective coatings of parts subjected to metal-metal friction, cavitation, and corrosion at high temperature.

In addition, HardPro® 750 is used for overlay and build up of machinery parts and tools subject to impact, compression and wear, used at operating temperatures up to 650 °C with a stable arc, regular drop transfer and a smooth deposit.

The deposit is resistant to thermal shock and can be machined with tungsten carbide tipped tools.

Panzercrom BasePro® 1

Special Cobalt Alloy Electrode

BasePro® 1 is a special rutile-basic hardfacing manual electrode and cobalt based deposit consist of cobalt rich matrix with precipitates of chromium and tungsten carbides.

Special alloyed deposit provides very good resistance to metal-metal wear and to corrosion up to 800 °C with a very low coefficient of friction. Additionaly, highly resistant to erosion and cavitation.

Panzercrom BasePro® 21

Special Cobalt Alloy Electrode

BasePro® 21 is a special rutile-basic hardfacing manual electrode and cobalt based deposit characterized by a good metal-metal wear and oxidation resistance up to 1000 °C, even in presence of sulphurous atmosphere. Special alloyed deposit has excellent resistance to important thermal and mechanical shocks, excellent resistance to cracks, highly resistant to cavitation and erosion, deposit non-magnetic.