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Pioneering Excellence in Machinery Manufacturing with Wear Mechanics Expertise

Panzercrom® reflects its experience in wear mechanics to machinery and equipment manufacturing. In our fabrication workshops, we manufacture crusher rotor assemblies, crusher housings, vertical mill housings and components, classifier housings, classifier rotors assemblies, screens, industrial fan impellers with shafts and fan casings with wear liners.

Panzercrom’s competent engineering team manages all steps of manufacturing from preparation of work, design, project management and production to quality assurance with our experienced and competent engineering team.

Our fabrication plant is located only 150 meters away from our automation plant and headquarters.
  • 8 Pcs Cranes with lifting capacity up to 30 tons
  • 2000 x 6000 CNC Oxy-Plasma Cutting
  • 400 tons Press Brake
  • 3 and 4 rolled bending machines
  • 45 pcs various welding machines
  • Band saw
  • Hydraulic Presses
  • Automated beveiling machine
  • 4 pcs 6000 x 8000 steel fabrication tables
  • Various rotating equipments up to diameter 6000mm and 50 tons