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Our company has distinguished itselfwithin the heavy industry landscape through the production of in-house flux cored wires.
Wear plates, engineered wear components, and comprehensive repair and maintenance services, all attributed Panzercrom® brand. Supported by a proficient and dedicated engineering team, our organization has evolved into a reliable partner for wear resistant component manufacturing, serving both original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end-user customers.

  • Panzercrom creates a bridge between expertise and innovation. With an experienced product design and development team, we’re ready to revolutionize wear resistance through cutting-edge flux cored wire technology.
  • We’ve combined our extensive wear resistance and metallurgy knowledge to craft hardfacing flux cored wires. Our ability to design custom solutions ensures a perfect alignment with our customer’s wear requirements.
    We are more thana manufacturer; we’re your dedicated partner insolving wear challenges.
  • Maximize your wear resistance and welding productivity while reducing costs by improving service life with Panzercrom flux cored wires.
    Experience the fusion of knowledge, technology, and tailored craftsmanship.