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Product & Services


Panzercrom® offers crack repair welding services both in situ and in our workshops for many industries like cement, mining, forging plants, wind power, iron and steel making plant, power plants, etc. with nearly 30 years of application experience.

Our crack repair services are brought into the market with our own specially developed welding consumables, knowledge of repair procedures, and competent engineering and welder team.

Here are some examples of our repair welding services;

Kiln Shell and Ring Crack Repairs
Ball Mill Crack Repairs
Gear Crack Repairs
Cast Iron Crack Repairs
Wind Tribune Crack Repairs
Forging Press Crack Repairs
Roller Press Crack Repairs
Shaft Crack Repairs

On-Site Crack Repair Welding Services

Panzercrom® offers repair and maintenance welding services since 1994 with its competent engineering and welding teams. With extensive experience in crack repairs, Panzercrom® continues to offer on-site maintenance-repair and preventive repair welding services for both OEM and end-user customers.

Fast and Quality Solutions with Advanced Machinery-Equipment and Facility Capabilities

Panzercrom® offers maintenance-repair and preventive hardfacing services in two factories on total of 7500 m2 area, with 10 overhead crane with up to 30 tonne lifting capacity, 32 PLC controlled welding units, 8-Axis CNC welding robot, 50 tonne piece rotation and 15 tonne tilting capacity.

Maintenance-Repair Services with Special Alloyed Panzercrom® Welding Consumables

Panzercrom® offers maintenance-repair services to customers with specially designed welding consumables for base material and application for cracks, fracture, fraction problems on heavy industry machinery and equipment. Furnace mantle cracks, bull gear cracks and gear repair welding, composite galley repaid welding etc.