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Steel mill rolls are vital components in industrial rolling processes, serving as key elements that shape and refine various materials. These rolls are designed to withstand the extreme pressures temperatures, and mechanical forces involved in processes like hot and cold rolling. At Panzercrom, we specialize in producing and refurbishing steel mill rolls to ensure optimal performance and extended lifespan.

Efficient rolling operations are contingent upon well-maintained rolls. Over time, wear problem scan arise due to the harsh conditions and forces they endure. Continuous contact with materials leads to abrasive wear, which reduces roll diameter and affects the accuracy of the finished product.

At Panzercrom, we address wear challenges head-on. Through precision cladding techniques using martensitic, ferritic stainless or cobalt based alloys, we enhance the wear resistance and corrosion protection of our rolls. Our expertise in material selection, pre-machining, cladding, and finishing mechanical machining ensures that your rolls are equipped to handle the demands of rolling operations while minimizing wear-related issues.

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