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Incoming Quality Control

Material and raw material groups are controlled using state-of-the-art calibrated devices according to determining methods and ITP requests, and products that meet the desired specifications are taken to the production and stock area.

In sample products, the Sample Study Method is applied with the participation of the relevant units in order to determine the suitability of the product.

Devices in our Material Incoming Quality Control Laboratory; hardness measuring device, microscope, surface roughness measuring device, paint thickness measuring device, magnetic testing device, penetrant measuring equipment, laser meter, moisture meter, callipers, micrometers and tape measures etc.

In addition to the entrance quality control studies, our suppliers are visited on site and the conformity of the products produced is inspected on site.

Process Control

Every step in the production phase is controlled and recorded by our expert personnel in accordance with international standards and customer expectations.

Detected nonconformities are evaluated within the scope of Corrective Action Management within our company, necessary actions are implemented and recorded. Analyzes are carried out at regular intervals, and “Root-Cause Analysis” is carried out to eliminate possible nonconformities by using various methods. Traceability is ensured in the process from raw material and intermediate product entry to final products. According to customer demands, reports of traceability records can be shared with the customer.

Final Check

In the final control stage, the final product; Compliance with ITP requests, specified standards and the technical drawing is checked. At this stage, the accuracy of the products, their compliance with the work order and ITP requirements, their suitability for paint and packaging conditions are inspected.

During the final control phase, final control can be made with 2nd and/or 3rd party observers in line with customer requests.


Our company employs level-2 personnel certified according to ISO EN 9712 standard. Within this scope, Visual Inspection (VT), Penetrant Inspection (PT), and Magnetic Inspection (MT) are performed within the company. In addition, Ultrasonic examination (UT) and Radioscopic controls (RT) be made within the observation of the authority of our company personnel. Evidence and reports of the controls performed are presented to the customers.