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Product & Services


Internally hardfaced seamless steel tube Panzercrom Hardpipe® provides exceptional wear-resistant service life compared to conventional solutions like basalt, concrete or hardened steel solution. Hardpipe® is produced with specially designed CNC cladding machine lines.

Hardfacing layer can be applied internally and externally or even double-sided. This innovative production method prevents base metal cracks and hardfacing chipping off problems of conventional cold-forming pipes. As hardfacing is applied in a perpendicular helix form to the abrasive material flow, it also avoids early warning-out problems of weld overlaps.


High Wear Resistance
Lightweight compared to conventional solutions
Very small diameters starting from 60mm
Extensive area of use for abrasion and erosion problems


Pneumatic ash transport lines
Limestone transfer lines
Coal transfer lines
Recycling facilities material handling lines
Water treatment facilities pumping lines
Concrete transfer lines

Conditions of Delivery

Internally, externally or double sided hardfaced pipes
CNC cut pipes in various size
T and Y separators
With standard or special flanges

Pipe Diameters

Minimum hardfaced  inner diameter is: 60mm.
Please contact us for smaller or different pipe lengths.