Glass Industry



Glass industry is integral part of wide range of fields including daily life and space construction. Different hardfacing solutions are needed due to changing needs of glass industry and recycling processes.

Panzercrom® analysis wear types of different processes in the sector and provides end-products that offer optimum performance to solution partners.

We Offer the Best Products and Services with Our Wide Range Scope of Supply

Panzercrom offers various wear-resistant machine and equipment components manufactured according to your existing technical drawings. We also offer wear part design and production to increase the service life-time of your components.

Our professional team is at your disposal for crack repair weldings and hardfacing services for hard-to-disassemble machines and equipments or urgent operations.

We supply our high-quality and specially designed welding consumables for repair and/or preventive maintenance welding.
– Stick Electrodes
 Seamless Gas Shielded Flux Cored Wires
– Open Arc Flux Cored Wires

Component Types

Material Transport Lines