Iron&Steel Industry



Technological advancement of Metallurgy and Material science in the last century is enormous, therefore steel usage as indispensable part of all industries continues to increase every day. Steel has become lead player of sectors that never imagined using steel products just one century ago and today, steel is fiercely competing with non-ferrous materials and composite materials.

Panzercrom® provides optimum solutions against wear caused by constant impact and metal-to-metal friction under extremely high temperatures and offers solution partnership in the sector with innovative solutions presented to sector shareholders.

We Offer Best Services with Our Wide Service Range

We manufacture all components according to your needs in our facilities and complete hardfacing operations based on project plans.

Our professional team is at your service for all repair-maintenance processes for hard-to-disassemble machinery or urgent operations.

You can supply our high-quality Hardfacing Flux Cored Welding Wires and decrease the time of repair-maintenance process and costs in your business.

Component Types

Blast Furnace Bells

Skip Cars

Sinter Crushers Components

Steel Mill Rolls

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Material Transport Lines

Bulk Material Handling